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Julien Dyne feat Mara TK – Layer

NZ got that good stuff! Beat head Julien Dyne collaborates with vocalist Mara TK from Electric Wire Hustle to create a track brimming with funkyness and soulfulness. At present there’s a surge of amazing music coming from this part of the world and these two are certainly leading the charge with their respective projects and in joining together the vibe is strengthened tenfold. This is killer and if you haven’t done so already I suggest seeking out both Julien Dyne’s and Electric Wire Hustle’s albums on the double.


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Loin Brothers – Garden of Vargulf

Back after a short hiatus with some shameless self promotion for the wonderful label I work for Future Classic.

The Loin Brothers aka Long John Saliva and Sylvio Mangles punch out pure disco heat with their forthcoming release ‘Garden of Vargulf’. This one is ripe for the late night discotheque’s with production of the highest quality. The full package also features an acid re-rub and a couple of tasty remixes from Tornado Wallace and fellow disco brethren Woolfy. Out in just a short while on August 16th and available on vinyl and digital be sure to get it while it’s hot. Drop me a line in the comments section to let me know which is the your pick of the bunch.

Loin Brothers – Garden of Vargulf – coming 16 August on vinyl + digital! by future classic

In other news stay tuned as very shortly there will be a number of significant changes to the traditional Friday Funk format.

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Tornado Wallace – Paddlin

Hailing from Melbourne town Tornado Wallace aka Lewie Day is currently generating a lot of buzz with people in the know across the disco and house game. From DJ’s, Label Heads, and punters his productions of late are positioning him as of one the guys to watch closely as everything he is putting out is gold. Admittedly he isn’t breaking new ground with a sound that’s been around for years now but the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ is certainly applicable when it comes to his music, and trust me this is not a bad thing. ‘Paddlin’ released on Jimpster’s ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ imprint sees him work a slow burning house groove into deep soul territory with a level of restraint that only adds to the overall groove, locking you in and sweeping you away to a level of nostalgic bliss. I’m thoroughly enjoying this at the moment and those disco/house heads out there surely will too. Look it up.

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GQ – Disco Nights

GQ aka Good Quality bring the boogie with their classic tune ‘Disco Nights’. The title speaks for itself, nothing but a straight up disco tune and one that evokes the true essence of the music. You can imagine the damage this would’ve have done to dancefloor in it’s year of release (1979), this is proper hands in the air business even 31 years later.

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Super Value Edits – Eddie Kendricks – Goin’ Up In Smoke

This amazing re-work of a classic from yesteryear is a prime example of the benefit in less is more. Taking the best bits from the original that are complimentary and opening with a hypnotic groove and subtle vocal overtones, this is one is certainly best suited to a packed dancefloor in the early hours of the morning (which is where I first heard it). Getting well into the track before the real drop the long four four beat lays the platform for it to shine in its full glory around the  5.oo minute mark and what a wondrous drop it is. I need to be honest and say that I don’t know who was responsible for this edit but to all the people who are opposed to editing classics then I would tell them to listen to this and then re-think that stance.

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Onra – High Hopes ft. Reggie B

ONRA – High Hopes ft. Reggie B

Whoah! Where did this one come from? Onra absolutely slays it with this bomb of a track. Some of you may associate him with the downtempo hip hop inspired beats of ‘The Big Payback’ and ‘Chinoiseries’ but this current musical direction is where he flexes his skills to the maximum. This is the latest single of the forthcoming album ‘Long Distance’ and if any indication of the sound of the long player then I’m all in. A song for lovers, singles, beat heads, disco peeps and anybody else that likes feel good inspired music. Seek this one out!

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Jacques Renault – Norman’s Fire

With the imminent return of Jacques Renault for the Future Classic ‘Adult Disco’ party i thought i would post a current favourite edit of mine. Of late Renault has been building a lot of momentum in the house and disco world as a solo entity and one half of Runaway. Whether producing original material or re-touching songs into tasteful edits Renault never fails to impress. As a DJ his skills turn any party into a serious jam with all and sundry getting down to his take on a disco and house set. With releases on DFA, Hole in the Sky and his own edit imprint On The Prowl he is fast becoming a household name in the electronic music world. Turn it up!

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