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Com Truise – Slow Peels

I don’t know much about Com Truise except that he hails from New Jersey, has a clever performance name, has a day job as an Art Director and he makes amazing beats under a few different monikers such as Sarin Sunday among others. I stumbled across him on the interweb not so long ago and I’m really thankful I did. His music has been on constant rotation since and it will form a big part of my upcoming summer soundtrack. For those looking for comparisons or references his music sits somewhere in between the blissed out sounds of Washed Out and some of the more structured beat stuff coming out of LA. Think Flying Lotus but less experimental. This is not to say Com Truise is not doing his own thing, I for one think this stuff is highly original and a refreshing take on the glitched out beat movement that is bubbling away in different corners of the world. For those of you that enjoy this track check out the Cyanide Sisters EP available for free download from his website. While you’re there check out some of his amazing mixtape as well.


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Julien Dyne feat Mara TK – Layer

NZ got that good stuff! Beat head Julien Dyne collaborates with vocalist Mara TK from Electric Wire Hustle to create a track brimming with funkyness and soulfulness. At present there’s a surge of amazing music coming from this part of the world and these two are certainly leading the charge with their respective projects and in joining together the vibe is strengthened tenfold. This is killer and if you haven’t done so already I suggest seeking out both Julien Dyne’s and Electric Wire Hustle’s albums on the double.

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Onra – High Hopes ft. Reggie B

ONRA – High Hopes ft. Reggie B

Whoah! Where did this one come from? Onra absolutely slays it with this bomb of a track. Some of you may associate him with the downtempo hip hop inspired beats of ‘The Big Payback’ and ‘Chinoiseries’ but this current musical direction is where he flexes his skills to the maximum. This is the latest single of the forthcoming album ‘Long Distance’ and if any indication of the sound of the long player then I’m all in. A song for lovers, singles, beat heads, disco peeps and anybody else that likes feel good inspired music. Seek this one out!

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Flying Lotus – Massage Situation

Flying Lotus – Massage Situation

With the release of Fly Lo’s album Cosmogramma I thought I would take it back a notch and post an older track that straight kills it as far as beats related music goes. This man is on a whole different level musically and I would argue that there aren’t too many people who are as forward thinking or futuristic in their musical approach as him. Stylistically not for everyone but I think we can all find something in this music that we dig. Pop one, spark one or do whatever you need to do to get loose, all the while making sure you enjoy it.

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