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Onra – High Hopes ft. Reggie B

ONRA – High Hopes ft. Reggie B

Whoah! Where did this one come from? Onra absolutely slays it with this bomb of a track. Some of you may associate him with the downtempo hip hop inspired beats of ‘The Big Payback’ and ‘Chinoiseries’┬ábut this current musical direction is where he flexes his skills to the maximum. This is the latest single of the forthcoming album ‘Long Distance’ and if any indication of the sound of the long player then I’m all in. A song for lovers, singles, beat heads, disco peeps and anybody else that likes feel good inspired music. Seek this one out!


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Jacques Renault – Norman’s Fire

With the imminent return of Jacques Renault for the Future Classic ‘Adult Disco’ party i thought i would post a current favourite edit of mine. Of late Renault has been building a lot of momentum in the house and disco world as a solo entity and one half of Runaway. Whether producing original material or re-touching songs into tasteful edits Renault never fails to impress. As a DJ his skills turn any party into a serious jam with all and sundry getting down to his take on a disco and house set. With releases on DFA, Hole in the Sky and his own edit imprint On The Prowl he is fast becoming a household name in the electronic music world. Turn it up!

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Flying Lotus – Massage Situation

Flying Lotus – Massage Situation

With the release of Fly Lo’s album Cosmogramma I thought I would take it back a notch and post an older track that straight kills it as far as beats related music goes. This man is on a whole different level musically and I would argue that there aren’t too many people who are as forward thinking or futuristic in their musical approach as him. Stylistically not for everyone but I think we can all find something in this music that we dig. Pop one, spark one or do whatever you need to do to get loose, all the while making sure you enjoy it.

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Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar

Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar

Recently released on Stones Throw for the forthcoming Aloe Blacc album and what a tune it is. Harking back to days of yore Blacc has crafted a modern street anthem. The simple but alluring arrangement is what makes this so catchy. This one ticks all the boxes. Soul tune of the year? Might just be….

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