Tiger and Woods ‘Gin Nation’

Tiger and Woods ‘Gin Nation’

This tune is doing serious damage in my musical spectrum at the moment. ‘Gin Nation’ by the mysterious production duo Tiger and Woods is a strange one as no one knows who these cats are and there is very little information available on them. Not even my good friend and man in the know Nathan McLay of Future Classic fame knows who they are and that is saying something. Regardless the two make seriously good music along the disco and house vein and everything they put out is killer. For me never has a tune on the lower BPM spectrum had so much groove and impact. Can’t wait to see what these guys bring out next.



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2 responses to “Tiger and Woods ‘Gin Nation’

  1. Muz

    rad – who are these guys?

    • They go by the name of Tiger and Woods, specifically Larry Tiger and David Woods, if you read between the lines then this is a clearly a cover up to disguise their real identities. Other than that I and most other people know nothing else about them. Check their Myspazz for more details http://www.myspace.com/tigerandwoods and stay posted for more info and releases, everything these guys produce is on point.

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