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Alice Smith – Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton Remix)

Alice Smith – Love Endeavour ( Maurice Fulton Remix)

One of the best Dj’s and producers in the disco and house field for many years now and recent visitor to our shores. With each original production or remix Maurice Fulton brings something special to the table, his ability to add emotion to a track or bring out the subtlety’s in a way like no other is what separates him from the pack and keeps Dj’s, taste makers and fans hanging on for more. If you haven’t already I would suggest hunting down anything you can that this man has released and do yourself a favour and spend a night on the dancefloor grooving to his tunes as your soul will thank you for it.


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GURU – Tribute

RIP GURU AKA KEITH ELAM (July 17, 1966 – April 19, 2010)

I know everybody is paying tribute to the late great GURU but it wouldn’t be right not to post a selection of songs from the man who has had a serious impact on me musically. With such a strong and varied musical output it’s hard to choose songs to accurately document his career, with this in mind I posted a small selection. We all have our favourites and that was one of the best things about GURU, there was something for everyone. Rest in peace and thankyou for what you gave the world in such a short period of time. Just lay back and feel the music….

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Tiger and Woods ‘Gin Nation’

Tiger and Woods ‘Gin Nation’

This tune is doing serious damage in my musical spectrum at the moment. ‘Gin Nation’ by the mysterious production duo Tiger and Woods is a strange one as no one knows who these cats are and there is very little information available on them. Not even my good friend and man in the know Nathan McLay of Future Classic fame knows who they are and that is saying something. Regardless the two make seriously good music along the disco and house vein and everything they put out is killer. For me never has a tune on the lower BPM spectrum had so much groove and impact. Can’t wait to see what these guys bring out next.


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Katalyst feat. Steve Spacek – How Bout Us

Katalyst feat. Steve Spacek – How Bout Us

On heavy rotation in my world right now is the debut album from Space Invadas aka Katalyst and Steve Spacek ‘Soul Fi’, this is classic modern day soul. Katalyst has stepped up his production game to another level and always Spacek brings such a different flavour by way of his vocal skills, check this album if you need a soul, funk and a little bit of a hip hop fix. After giving this album heavy play over the last week, it got me thinking about the tune that started it all, coming off Katalysts most recent solo album ‘How Bout Us’ is an absolute classic in the making. Little did we know that a collab between two very talented artists in their own right would produce such an amazing song and subsequent album. Recommend listening on all levels.

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Electric Wire Hustle – Perception

Electric Wire Hustle – Perception

What a trio! Hailing from the land of the long white cloud. EWH bring that raw soul with a hip hop edge. Mara TK has a voice that is buttery smooth, the beat bangs with just enough punch and most hip hop lovers will recognise that cheeky sample. This is straight up soul and I’d expect nothing less from our friends across the ditch. More? Yes PLEASE!

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