D Lissvik – 03

With spring in the air and summer just around the corner (southern hemisphere) I instinctively revert back to the summery Balearic jams in my music collection. For me this sound perfectly complements the vibe of those sun filled drawn out days. Dan Lissvik of Studio fame is always on heavy rotation and features as a big part of my soundtrack around this time. Further to this I’ve always had a fascination with all things Scandinavian none more so than Swedish culture whether it be style, music, design, art etc which is how I first discovered this sound. Born and raised in Gothenburg, Lissvik’s music is the essence of the burgeoning Swedish music scene. An in demand remixer, solo artist and band member, Lissvik is always on point musically and stylistically.

This track is taken from his solo release 7TrxIntermission released a couple of years back on the INFORMATION label. This particular jam is a slow burner clocking in at just over 10 minutes long but for those with patience a thoroughly enjoyable composition that will capture your attention with repeated listens.

If you like this be sure to seek out not only his solo work but collaboration as Studio and the many remixes that are floating around.


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Com Truise – Slow Peels

I don’t know much about Com Truise except that he hails from New Jersey, has a clever performance name, has a day job as an Art Director and he makes amazing beats under a few different monikers such as Sarin Sunday among others. I stumbled across him on the interweb not so long ago and I’m really thankful I did. His music has been on constant rotation since and it will form a big part of my upcoming summer soundtrack. For those looking for comparisons or references his music sits somewhere in between the blissed out sounds of Washed Out and some of the more structured beat stuff coming out of LA. Think Flying Lotus but less experimental. This is not to say Com Truise is not doing his own thing, I for one think this stuff is highly original and a refreshing take on the glitched out beat movement that is bubbling away in different corners of the world. For those of you that enjoy this track check out the Cyanide Sisters EP available for free download from his website. While you’re there check out some of his amazing mixtape as well.

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Julien Dyne feat Mara TK – Layer

NZ got that good stuff! Beat head Julien Dyne collaborates with vocalist Mara TK from Electric Wire Hustle to create a track brimming with funkyness and soulfulness. At present there’s a surge of amazing music coming from this part of the world and these two are certainly leading the charge with their respective projects and in joining together the vibe is strengthened tenfold. This is killer and if you haven’t done so already I suggest seeking out both Julien Dyne’s and Electric Wire Hustle’s albums on the double.

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Kerri Chandler – Atmosphere Ep Track 1

Taken off  the ‘Atmosphere Ep’ and released back in 1993, this is regarded as a classic in the electronic music world. Listen a few times and it’s easy to hear how the tag is justified, this is often considered one of Chandler’s best releases. Simplistic in nature the track oozes warmth and soul and the groove is unstoppable.

I find it somewhat comforting that tracks from such a long time ago still stand up with as much relevance now as they did upon release. Some might consider this a worrying trend, however I prefer to look at the positives and celebrate an amazing song and talented producer. For lovers of all things deep in house music – Enjoy!

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Loin Brothers – Garden of Vargulf

Back after a short hiatus with some shameless self promotion for the wonderful label I work for Future Classic.

The Loin Brothers aka Long John Saliva and Sylvio Mangles punch out pure disco heat with their forthcoming release ‘Garden of Vargulf’. This one is ripe for the late night discotheque’s with production of the highest quality. The full package also features an acid re-rub and a couple of tasty remixes from Tornado Wallace and fellow disco brethren Woolfy. Out in just a short while on August 16th and available on vinyl and digital be sure to get it while it’s hot. Drop me a line in the comments section to let me know which is the your pick of the bunch.

Loin Brothers – Garden of Vargulf – coming 16 August on vinyl + digital! by future classic

In other news stay tuned as very shortly there will be a number of significant changes to the traditional Friday Funk format.

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James Blake – CMYK

What to say about this track? What is it? What genre? Who is James Blake? What’s that vocal sample? Where did he come from?

All the above comes down to one word…EPIC.

James Blake and this track is the sound of the future. R&B vocal stabs with dub steppy beats and a whole bunch of other stuff thrown in the mix. Maybe not for everyone at first but guaranteed to hit the spot after a few listens. Mark my words people this guy will be huge and he is one of the most forward thinking producers out there. Beautiful forward thinking SOUL music.

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FCL – Let’s Go

Out on the We Play House label, the collaboration of FCL between label boss Red D and San Soda ‘Lets Go’ is a certified club killer. Deep house with a gospel tinged breakdown that sends chills down the spine. In context and played properly this track tears a heaving dancefloor to pieces. This can be found in many a discerning DJ’s bag and will feature in late night sets for a while to come.

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